From 14 to 31 December.
We will be doing a photo contest with the theme Winter and our EVO Products.

So take your best picture, with the fae that you most enjoy or the Yuka you love, or eveen fishing or catching bugz with one of our games and send it to Hiko-Ren Lords (DavidM Neox) with a notecard both with your name and stating your wishes to 2022.

We will post your photos and your wishes to the Webpage for a community vote.

The first place will get all the 5 Cities Addon Packs in the value of 25.000L

1st Prize City Themes

Spring aka Normal City – Home for Spring/Normal Faes
Summer City – Home for Merfaes
Halloween City – Home for Creeper/Halloween Faes
Winter City – Home for Winter/Snow/Ice Faes

Teslanic City – Ancestral Fae Home, with the addon City Pack you can have all the Fae types in this city

2nd Prize 5000L Credit in EVO

3rd Prize 2000L Credit in EVO

Photo Gallery Submited to the Contest