Yukas the Cuttest Mammoth Alive!

EVO Group bring you Yukas!! A cute little Mammoth that brings some new fresh features to breedables. Scripted by EVO, Yukas are aimed to be strong and safe coded, having in count SL and sims random issues.

The project is now having a new body for the Yuka were you will be able to genetic cross breed your pet. You can pass rare Coats from the previous version to the new body.

Christmas Giveaway Rudolf Yuka from 15th to 25th December at the Mainstore

Extintion Races

This brand new feature will bring you Yukas that behave like a Real Life Pet, that means you cant suspend its life… Its a delicate and living animal that you must keep alive and geneticly healt. These Special Yukas will also Live Breeding, so babies will born alive and will start rooming arround as a regular Yuka, it can be Traded or Sold but you will need to keep some food with it.

Growing Fur and Tusks

Besides Yuka Growing in size as its grows old, their Fur and Tusks will also grow in size, and as EVO is strongly against Ivory Market, you will only be able to cut their fur, leaving their long and healtfull tusks to grow. Cutting your Yukas Fur will grant you some Yukas collecitble items you can use to defrost rare Yukas from Ice or Ambar!

Amber and Ice Frozed Yukas and Crafting

Similar to the Frozen Ice-Cube Yukas but required collectibles to be opened, this rare craftable Amber Cases work similar to the Recipes from the EVO*MC Fairies granting you the rarest of all Yukas to collect. Normaly the Extintion Races come from this ones so being delicate and living this Yukas are extremly hard to get and a good bet to become a strong Yuka Breeder. Special Edition Yukas will give you needed collectibles to the Amber Frozed Yukas so pay special attention to that ones.

Couples how to pair

Yukas will chose their mate and thats nothing you can do about their choices, but u can seperate them, Yukas have 5 meters range roaming, so if you Rezz a new Mammoth Pole far away from the first and rezz a couple of Yukas there, Male and Female, you sure know that those 2 will be Paired.

Right now we have changed the breeding servers, so any non special Yuka be born, and you get that coats you ready need.

Later as the new body arrives, they will geneticly breed.

Animation and Moviment

Yukas will animate your Life with their own behavior, and see their moods change as they grow, you can disable their Moviment and still they will eat and chew and greet you on site.

Sleeping and Resting

Your Yukas will require Sleep, eveen with their Moviment Off, Yukas need to sleep. A healty Yuka will sleep 8 Hours a day, an unhealty Yuka will barely sleep at the first but then will take long naps, keep your Yukas Feed and Healty so they be lively and greatfull.

Manny Coats and Species Combinations

Fresh every month you will have a new Coat Gene in the Breeding System and with that dozens of Yukas with diferent combinations of traits. But thats not all pairing diferent kinds of Species will incrise the chance of of rare and diferent Yukas.

Suprise Yukas Traits

Have you ever had a certain Pet and just couse its Eye was not Golden it was not that special Pet everyone wanted… Now with the Suprese Yukas Traits you can have a realy special trait hided under the one you seeing and its revealed if you take good care of your Yuka, taking good care means food and presence, Yukas like to see you near them, so pop up and greet them regulary so they can reward you.

The Yukas Team

KhrysT Lords (KhrysT Neox)

Co-Creator/Support Manager/Lead Scripter

Cσσкιε (selennadiaz)

Co-Creator/Lead Designer/Project Manager