EVO*Arborea is our line of Hydroponic Grown Plants.

Plants at the moment:

  • Cannabis Plants – Availiable in starter Packs and Seeds
  • Orchids – Collection of Orchids as Arborea had in 2014 (Being Redesigned)
  • Roses – Collection of Rose Plants (Being Redesigned)
  • Cactus – – Collection of Cactus (Being Created)

With endless possibilities the Arborea Plant line will work in the same Hydroponic Vase and will set the plant imortal when its life cycle is complete.

More information soon.

The Arborea Team

Hiko-Ren (DavidM Neox)

Creator, Lead Scripter & Support Manager of EVO*BeetleBugz

Bael Halrinach Ayakashi ϯ 亗 (bael.mystic)

Lead Designer & Product Manager