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Name Description Owner Public Area Custom Prizes Wand Event Date Time Wand Portal Conquered By: Shield Event Date Time Shield Portal Conquered By:
Soundsation ClubMusic Club and Gaming areaTeleportYesYesEach 2 Weeks, Saturday10 am slt : Nonono :
*EVO EVENTS Coliseum* #Antonys HUB#Location Wand Contest Event and GOV TournamentAntony2468 KapplerTeleportYesYesEvery 2nd Friday of The Month2PM : YesEvery 4th Friday of The Month2PM :
EVO Main ArenaA place for Tournaments and Contest with GOV.TeleportYesYessoonsoon : Yessoonsoon :
EVO Mainstore CenterThe place to get your EVO ItemsTeleportYesNononoNonono