Lands of Valkhyra

The Valkhyra System

Fae Faiths

Pantheon/Faith Ancient Goddesses of Valkhyra Golden Goddesses of Valkhyra Seas Goddesses of Valkhyra Nature Goddesses of Valkhyra Shadow Goddesses of Valkhyra

Empire of Arkus Ascendent – New Empire


Capital of the Empire of Arkus Ascendent.

Seat of the Golden Empress

Founded in 182AE (Ascendent Empire Age)

Contain the Teslanic Mages Guild and the Library of Relicarium

Drakk M’Thir

Cloud-City of Drakk M’Thir. Home of the Golden Faes

Founded in 1AE (Ascendent Empire Age)

Contain the Temple of the Golden Goddnesses of Valkhyra

Port Tarsis

Port-City and Jewel of the Empire.

Founded in 12AE (Ascendent Empire Age)

Contain the Merchants Guild of Arkus

Feudal Kingdom of Thri

Port Bashir

Capital of the Kingdom of Thri. Home of the Winter Faes

Founded in 68AE (Ascendent Empire Age)

Seat of the Storm Queen

Klerist Towers

Fortress-City of Thri, Home of the Christmas and Snow Winter Faes

Founded in 52YE (Ysra Empire Age, -288 Ascendent Empire Age)

Former North Temple of the Ancient Goddnesses of Valkhyra

Triumvirate Kingdom of Selenia


Capital of the Selenia Kingdom. Home of the Creeper Faes

Founded in 89AE (Ascendent Empire Age)

Triumvirate of the Dark Queens


Necropolis-City, second oldest City of Valkhyra.

Founded in 183YE (Ysra Empire Age, -157 Ascendent Empire Age)

Coontain the Temple of the Shadow Goddesses of Valkhyra


Colony-City of Selenia. Home of the Halloween Creeper Faes

Founded in 365AE (Ascendent Empire Age)

Contain the Miners Guild of Ysra

Ashen Free League

Virm’Laht Cove

Free CIty of Virm’Lath. Home of the Summer Merfaes

Founded in 708AE (Ascendent Empire Age)

Rulled by the 7 Ocean Queens

Ysgar Islands

Free Outpost. Home of the Merfaes

Founded in 532AE (Ascendent Empire Age)

Contain the Temple of the Seas Goddesses of Valkhyra

A’araian United Kingdoms – Former Ysra Empire


Capital of the A’araian Kingdoms. Home of the Valkhyra Warrior Faes

Seat of the East Desert and West Desert Queens

Founded in 2AE (Ascendent Empire Age)

Contain the Warriors Guild of Valkhyra

Fort A’khari – Former Capital of the lost Ysra Empire

Fort-City and oldest settlement in all Valkhyra. Birth place of the Ancient Fae Races and the Ancient Goddness-Queen Ysra.

Founded in 10YE (Ysra Empire Age, -330AE Ascendent Empire Age)

Contain the South Temple of the Ancient Goddesses of Valkhyra and the Blue Eye of Ysra

Free Tribes of Nardek


Hidden-City of Nardek. Home of the Forest Faes

Founded in 202AE (Ascendent Empire Age)

Contain the Temple of the Nature Goddesses of Valkhyra


Lost-City, rumored it was founded inside a waterfall and can only be accessed once a year, is not seen since the fall of the Ysra Empire.

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