Our Flag-Ship Product, The EVO Mystic Creature Faes, are breedable/Summon Fairies from our Sub Division Mystic Creatures. Created in 2009 and with a remake in 2013 the Faes are still one of the most desirable creature to keep in SL.

The EVO Faes live in a Fae City that you can get in our Vendors

EVO Faes have been update for the new V2 System. Check the features the V2 System bring for the Faes bellow.

  • Only need to feed to breed.
  • Low Lag, static movement System.
  • New Building Features
  • Free City Starter packs with: Ysra, Life Tower, Broken City Walls, Library.
  • V2 cities will feed any old Version Fae you have as long you load at leat 1 Mana Food Pack in your Ysra and Re-rez your Life Tower.
  • And much much more already implemented and coming soon.

City Themes

Spring aka Normal City – Home for Spring/Normal Faes
Summer City – Home for Merfaes
Halloween City – Home for Creeper/Halloween Faes
Winter City – Home for Winter/Snow/Ice Faes
Teslanic City – Ancestral Fae Home, with the addon City Pack you can have all the Fae types in this city

The Fae Cities can be found in 2 Packs:

  • Free City Packs – 1 Ysra, 1 Life Tower, 1 Broken City Walls, 1 Library – Free L$0
  • City Addon Packs – 1 Mine, 1 Treasure Tower, 1 Armory, 1 Valkhyra Tower, 1 City Theme Building (Camping Tent, Merfae Cove, Haunted House, Christmas Tree) and only in the Teslanic City Pack a 10th Building. – L$4.999

Availiable in any of our Vendors. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Choerom/232/198/2039


  • Ysra – The Home and Feeder, Center Building of your City, should be the first Building to Rezz.
  • Life Tower – Feeder for Old Version Faes, Egg Organizer. To feed old version Faes you need to load at least 1 Mana food Pack in your Ysra and Re-rez the Life Tower.
  • Broken City Walls – 3 Tier Building, you can upgrade it with collectibles, Tier 3 Defence City Walls will add the Weather System to your City.
  • Library – You can load Fairy Lore Collectible in your Library to get Recipes.
  • Mines – Used with Miner Faes will give you Mining Collectibles, used into the City Walls and recipes.
  • Treasure Tower – Loaded with Gold Pearls it will give you Golden Items (Keys and Gold Faes)
  • Armory – Exclusive Feeder for Warrior Faes
  • Valkhyra Tower – Similar to the Library and Treasure Tower, loading Weapons on it will give you Valkhyra Game Items (Magika, Potions, Warrior Faes).
  • Theme Building (Camping Tent, Merfae Cove, Haunted House, Christmas Tree) – Used with Collectible Giver Faes from that Theme. Merfaes will need the Merfae Cove to rez their Collectibles for you.
  • DEV 10th Building – Only availiable at the Teslanic City.

Fae Items

Mana Crystals

Theres 3 Sizes, Small 1400 Mana, Medium 5600 Mana, Large 16800 Mana.

To load Mana Crystals into your Ysra just click the Mana Crystal Geode and then the Ysra you wish to fill. Be sure to have the Mana Geode near that ysra.

Mystery Box

Mystery Boxes can be found in the Vendors or as Event Prize.

Inside you can always find 2 Special Edition Faes and other prizes. Collectibles or Keys.

Pay attention to the ones in the Vendors, Mystery Boxes disapear when a limit number is bought, and a new one will replace the previous ones.

Golden Orbs

Golden Orbs are free and can be caught at the Mainstore and HubStores that have the EVO Vendors and are Event Areas. How? Just find the Golden Orbs dropping form a giant Orb and click the ones in the floor to grab them. Dont save Orbs in your inventory as they need will not work for you if over 24 hours in the Inventory.

You will need a Golden Key to open these.

Golden Keys

Golden Keys are used to open Golden Orbs to get Rare Faes and Items. There is always 4 different collectible boxes and a Special Edition Fae to grab in those. They are found in the Vendors, as Prizes in Events, and from the Treasure Tower.


Here we will add the commun asked questions for this Product.

  • How to get the Faes? – EVO MC Faes can be traded by anyone that have them, you can also get the Special Edition Mystery Packs each month at the Vendors for Special Edition Faes.
  • What do i need to keep the Faes? – You will need one of the Free City Packs availiable at our Vendors, and have rezed the Ysra, the Life Tower, the Broken City Walls and the Library.
  • What each Building does? – The Ysra is the Center Tower were your Faes will locate, its the First Building to be Rezed and all other Buildings and Faes will auto-relocate to it. The Life Tower will feed for Free any old version of your Faes, as long as you have loaded at least one Mana Food Pack in your Ysra and Rerez the Life tower.
  • Whats the Current Version of the Faes? – V2 is the current version of the faes, in year version they are V2019, V2020 and V2021, these will Breed and give items using the new V2 City Buildings.
  • My Faes are not eating! – You need to check what Fae do you have, if you have a Merfae (Mermaid Fae) you can only feed it from the Summer City. The same if you have a Creeper Fae (Halloween Fae) you can only feed it from the Halloween City. You also need to be sure your Fae is a V2 Fae.
  • My old version Faes are not eating and their healt is low! – Old version Faes need an active Life Tower to free feed from. To activate your Life Tower simply load any Mana Food Pack in your Ysra and re-rez your Life tower. Your old version Faes will now eat free from it.
  • How long before a Fae Breed? – For Breeding Faes, they will take 14 days to mature, after and being feed they will breed each 7 days.
  • I touch my old version Fae eggs and nothing comes! – Old version Faes are now collectible and decorative. This can change in the future but for now they will not give you items or faes when you click their eggs/items. They will also feed for free so you dont need to spend money on those. If you wish to have new Faes get the V2 Faes from the Mystery Boxes.
  • A fae lives for 90 days then it gets to DECO State, showing a pedestal. It will not breed or move after entering the Deco State.

If you have other questions please check the Home Page and contact our staff so we can add your question to this FAQ and answer your doubts.