The First Virtual Enclosed Ecosystem for SL

The eSpheres is the SL first totally enclosed ecosystem – a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world.

The eSphere is easy to care for, and serves as an incredible learning tool that can provide powerful insights about life on our own planet… and provide a glimpse of the life sustaining technology that may shape the way we design and restore ecosystems.

But an eSphere is much more than a scientific breakthrough. It is a work of art, a living treasure to own or give to someone special. Each eSphere is carefully crafted to achieve an aesthetic, meditative beauty.

Availiable in any of our Vendors.

The Feeding

Inside each eSphere are active micro-organisms, that are created by the eSphere Light. Because the eSphere is a self-sustaining ecosystem, you never have to feed the life within. Simply provide your eSphere with a source ofl light by means of the eSphere Light with Batteries and enjoy this aesthetic blend of art and science, beauty and balance.

Different Types of eSpheres

Nature Edition
Aqua Edition
Cosmos Edition
  • Nature – A air tight enclosed ecosystem with creatures that walk on land, enviroment and plants.
  • Aqua – A water filled enclosed ecosystem with sea and water creatures that swim in the sea, rivers, lakes of Earth, along with algea, corals and aquatic plants.
  • Cosmos – An alien piece of a planet. Our scientists have capture these creatures and parts of its flora to research and preserve them. Cosmos eSpheres bring alien creatures and animals from other planets, vegetation from their home planet and rocks specimens to give those alien creatures a piece of home.

Items for eSpheres

  • Starter Packs – Each release of new eSphere will be added to the vendor, were you can get your new creatures. A starter pack will bring a eSphere Light for it and a small battery.
  • eSphere Light – You will get collectibles and new Transfarable eSpheres weekly from your eSpheres, however those will not bring the eSphere Light. So you can get your extra eSphere Lights from the vendors and add to those. eSphere Lights have a location system so it will jump to the nearest eSphere and embrace it. If you have many eSpheres near each other, rez the light nearest the one you want to add it.
  • eSphere Light Gold – Same as above but in Golden Texture, for the Golden eSpheres. This item was requested by the customers and works exclusively with the Golden eSpheres.
  • 700W Batteries – Used to add more hours of Light to your eSphere. To load rez your batteries near the eSphere Light and Click both Batterie and eSphere Light to load it.
  • Cleaning Tools – Your eSphere ecosystem collapsed for lack of light? You have 2 eSpheres with the same textures for your creatures and plants? Here is the Solution. Cleaning Tools will clean your eSphere to a total of 5 times and reset its enclosed ecosystem. Only to be used in these 2 cases, the use of this item will reset your eSphere and theres no way to go back.
  • eSphere Assembler – NOT IN THE VENDOR – Special eSphere Assembler is used to create new eSpheres. You will need to load eSphere Collectibles in these to get your Special Edition eSphere. This is an item that work similar to the MC Faes Recipes.

Capsule Prizes

Ownce a week your eSphere, that is alive and well, will give you a Capsule. The eSphere as space for 5 Capsules, so if you stay out of SL for more than 5 weeks the older capsules will disapear and you cant recover them. Click the Capsules as soon as you see them.

  • Regular Capsule – This capsule will give you eSphere Collectible items. these are used in the eSpheres Assemblers.
  • Premium Capsule – Rare to get, will give you new eSpheres or eSphere Assemblers.

The Deco Mod

eSpheres have 60 days of life, after that and if taked care it will turn Decorative. That means you dont need to use the eSphere Light on that eSphere anymore and it will not give any more capsules.

You can then use the eSphere light in another eSphere that you have.

The eSpheres Team

KhrysT Lords (KhrysT Neox)

Creator/Project Manager/Scripter

Hiko-Ren (DavidM Neox)

Scripter/Support Manager

Kesha (clippetyclop)