EVO*BeetleBugz Catcher Game & Bee Hives PET

EVO*BeetleBugz Catcher Ver.2022 (Current Items Version)
Welcome bug enthusiast to BeetleBugz Catcher, where you can collect and trade these Rare Bugs from all over the world!
Collect them all, display them in special glass cases, offer them to your friends, or sell them in the markets. Aim to catch the rarest species!

BeetleBugz Catcher Tool – Main tool of the game used to catch bugz and participate in Contests.
Repair Kits are used to fix your Catcher and add more catches to it. This item is a consumable item and can be loaded untill 10.000 unites.
Catch Area Server is included into any Area Pack and enables your Catching in your Land. You can only catch Bugz in 100m area arround the Server.

EVO BeetleBugz Game Areas

Table with database
Sim Owner
Ventura Starr
donna Redrose
KhrysT Neox
donna Redrose
donna Redrose
donna Redrose
Cris Leistone
donna Redrose
donna Redrose
donna Redrose
donna Redrose
Bridgette Dalgleish
Krista Starlight
Antony2468 Kappler
donna Redrose
donna Redrose
donna Redrose
donna Redrose
donna Redrose

EVO*BeetleBugz – Catcher Game

The EVO*BeetleBugz Catcher has a menu where you control the settings:
EVO.Portal – Takes You to the EVO Main website
Catch a Bug – Attempt to catch a bug
Colors – changes the color of your Catcher’s logo
Level Shout – Show your level
Auto-decline – Decline automatically the bugs you catch
Auto-Catcher – Automatically attempts to catch bugs until you detach the catcher

There are 5 rarities of bugs to collect:
C – Common
U – Uncommon
R – Rare
UR – Ultra-Rare
SUR – Super Ultra-Rare
Also, you can collect Coins, which can be used in recipes.

EVO*BeetleBugz – Full Area Items

EVO*BeetleBugz – Catch Area Server Ver.2022 -Required to Catch Bugs in your Area. You can edit the Notecard inside to set up your area info.

EVO*BeetleBugz – Contest Board Ver.2022 – Used to set up and run Contests in your Area. Lets you add admins to run contests in your area.

EVO*BeetleBugz – Contest Pot Ver.2022 – Pot for Linden Prizes.Lets you set up pot Shares

EVO*BeetleBugz – Official Vendor Ver.2022 – Affiliated Vendor with 30% Affiliated Share

Have Fun With EVO*BeetleBugz Catcher!

For more information contact:
HIko Ren 彦恋 (davidm.neox)
EVO Breedables & Games CSR

The BeetleBugz Team

KhrysT Lords (KhrysT Neox)

Lead Scripter

Hiko-Ren (DavidM Neox)

Creator/Project Manager/Scripter/Support Manager

Cσσкιε (selennadiaz)

Lead Designer