Greetings Guardians

We are working on the new Webpage, so we can post all the information related to updates and features of our Products. Please be patient.

Here you can find all the information needed to play our games and keep/breed our Pets.


02-01-2022 First of the new Winter Breedable Faes have been birth, we are glad to announce the first 5 breedables of 2022 faes you can get by having Breeder Faes from the WInter Seson. Hope you like the design, many more are planed for this server. We will continue to make winter faes, untill March 2022, when we will move to the Nature and Forest Faes.

02-01-2022 We are in the final stage of Updating the Guardians of Valkhyra Game. During this time the game will be offline. You can check the progress of the update at the Mainstore or in the group, by the print screens, the team is posting.

02-01-2022 All the Christmas Events and Giveaways will be extended till 15th of January so the team have time to release new content that is due to the hollydays.

23-12-2021 The EVO Team have extended the Global Vendors and Products Discounts untill 31 of December 2021. Grab your items before the discounts run out.

13-12-2021 EVO*BeetleBugs Game is updated to Ver.2022, with fixes and new register option on the Catcher Packs.

13-12-2021 GO FIshing Game, Shoals Clams and Sea Bunnies Labels moved under EVO*Aquatica. New Project Leader for EVO*Aquatica Label, Hiko Ren (Davidm Neox).

Check this page for more updates or important information.


Gift from EVO BeetleBugz Team: from 26th to 28th December EVO*BeetleBugz will gift the EVO*BeetleBugz –  Bugz Area Pack Ver.2022. With this pack you can add a BeetleBugz Catching area to your Land.

EXPIRED – Gift from EVO MC Faries Team: from 15th to 26th December EVO MC Fairies will gift you EVO*MC Fairies V2 – Christmas Tree Ver.2022 for your cities. This Buildings for your cities was rescripted to work with any of your Ysras Themes.

MOVED – This Gift will be moved to January as the Arborea Team is working on requested items for EVO —- Gift from the EVO Arborea Team: from28 to 30 December EVO Arborea will gift you EVO*Arborea – Winter Season Pack (1x Arborea Vase + 4x Arborea Season Paints + Winter Season Cannabis Seed + 1x Arborea Small Water + 2x Batteries)

Gift from EVO eSphere Team: from 26 to 28 December EVO eSphere will gift you EVO*eSpheres (Sphere) Golden Box #01 Ver.2018 and day 28th do 30th December EVO*eSpheres (Sphere) Golden Box #02 Ver.2018 (The Fae and Yuka Golden eSpheres)

Gift from the EVO MC Fairies Team: 28th December EVO MC Fairies will gift you a Large Magika for your EVO*Guardians of Valkhyra Wand.

EXPIRED – Gift from EVO Yukas Team: from 15 to 26 December EVO Yukas will gift you a EVO*Yukas – Glowing Rudolf Baby Yuka (Glowing Yukas change texture from night to day as long your sim have night and day times.)

EVO*Yukas – Glowing Rudolf Baby Yuka
Nest & Pet

Gift from EVO Aquatica Team: From 26 to 30 December EVO Aquatica will gift you 1x Medium Bait Bucket, times 4 Times you can come and collect for 4 Days, 1 a day.

What is EVO

EVO produces Breedable Collectible Pets and Games for SL. Creators of the EVO MC Fairies, EVO Yukas, EVO eSpheres, EVO Aquatica and Subsidiaries in SL. EVO Corp is composed of a team of creators, scripters and designers that come together to help each other creating entertainment products for the community.

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If you want to have a job with us.

EVO Breedables & Games for SL is always looking for colaborators for our team. You can earn a stable income and get partners for your projects.

The EVO Team is now looking for:

  • Mesh Designers
  • APK Programers
  • Project Leaders/Product Developers

We are not looking for CSRS or Support Staff.