Greetings Guardians

We are working on the new Webpage, so we can post all the information related to updates and features of our Products. Please be patient.

Here you can find all the information needed to play our games and keep/breed our Pets.

What is EVO

EVO produces Breedable Collectible Pets and Games for SL. Creators of the EVO MC Fairies, EVO Yukas, EVO eSpheres, EVO Aquatica and Subsidiaries in SL. EVO Corp is composed of a team of creators, scripters and designers that come together to help each other creating entertainment products for the community.

Some usefull links.

If you need support please contact one of the EVO Support Staff Members

KhrysT Lords

Aka KhrysT Neox(SL) is the creator of the Faes for SL and many of the EVO products. Scripter and CEO of the EVO Breedables & Games for SL

If you need tech support (Script errors, missing features) or have questions about the EVO products contact KhrysT.

Hiko-Ren Lords – 彦恋

aka DavidM Neox(SL) is the creator of the BeetleBugz Catching Game. Scripter and Lead CSR of the EVO Breedables & Games for SL

If you are looking for a redeliver from the Vendors, missing items, Updates or other questions, Contact Hiko-Ren.

If you want to have a job with us.

EVO Breedables & Games for SL is always looking for colaborators for our team. You can earn a stable income and get partners for your projects.

The EVO Team is now looking for:

  • Mesh Designers
  • APK Programers
  • Project Leaders

We are not looking for CSRS or Support Staff.