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Grow and collect hundreds of Magic Crystals! This new mini-game allows you to grow a colorful crystal. Crystals give you the new Crystalia Faes, Crystal Collectibles and other surprises;
Offer a special kit gift to your friends and family!


- 1 Magic Crystal Jar
- 1 Crystal Solution
- 1 Crystal Gift


- Rezz your EVO*MC Magic Crystals ver.2017
- Click it to get the items;
- Rezz all the items;
- Click the jar then the crystal solution to load the solution onto the jar;
- Wait 1 hour, and your crystal will appear;
- Your crystal will grow for the next 23 hours;
- When it hits 24 hours it's time to click your jar to receive your prize;

What is your prize???
- You have 65% chance to get one of the new CRYSTALIA faes;
- You have 35% chance of receiving a Crystal Collectible Pack

What happens after i get the prize?
- You get to keep a crystal with a pretty color. You can touch your crystal once a day, and it will tell your fortune for the day;

Can i use my crystal jar more than once?
- No, there's no rechargers for crystal jars, if you want to try again, you need a new Kit

Can i trade and offer crystals to my friends?
- Yes you can, either by offering them a kit through our vendors; Or you can offer them the crystal fortune teller, after you received your prize from it.

What are the permissions on the crystals?
- During the life spawn of a crystal (24hours) your item will not be transferable; However, after their cycle is finished, it becomes transfer, and you can offer to friends, or trade colors with them too;

There's hundreds of possibilities on crystal colors;
For more information contact:
KhrysT Neox
EVO Breeding CO. CEO

Lu Scorpio
EVO MC Fairies Manager, Designer and Support

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Don't forget it is mandatory to register at our website, if you don't you won't receive any prizes!