Important News

January 18 2015

new releases;

This weekend there has been a party in the club at Remood where several items have been released.For those that were unable to attend the party, the following has been released:

- Three fairies have been released, "Boiler Mood PR" "Boiler Mood Djane" these fairies   can    be found on the gatcha on    Remood.
- The third fairy is "Boiler Mood VIP" this fairy the community need to make themself, the     recipe for this one is in the gatcha    fairies, as well as in the prize giver in the club.


December 2014

important notice

all fairies are now version 2014R and 2015.

they come in glass jars and no longer in boxes.

any old versions are no longer not buy any boxed fairies that arnt 2014R and up.

relics,runes and collectables dont need a update

for any questions or if you are not sure plz find a csr.


january 2015-

the portal shops are open to redeem your last gp coins.use all the remaining coins you have in these portal shops.

they close end of january and after that your gp coins are no longer in use.

the recepies will then be available inworld eather by events and hunts or found as prize in the treasure towers