Hammies, its Uber-Cute!

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EVO Group brings back the Hammies! A cute little roadend Breedable that plays arround 6 diferent shapes/species starting with the Ginea Pig Mesh Body.

EVO*Hammies ware script improved and made more realistic. Genetic Traits ware also inclued in the new Hammies so you can now play with their gens to find the special coats and traits you looking for.

Extinction Races

This brand new feature will bring you Hammies that behave like a Real Life Pet, which means you can suspend its life... Its a delicate and living animal that you must keep alive and healthy, if there arent any more couples of that species to breed, it will become Extinct. These Special Hammies will also Live Breed, so babies will born alive and will start roaming around as a regular Hammie it still can be Traded or Sold but you will need to keep some food with it.


Hammies also grow untill adultwood. Some of them will eveen grow to special rare sizes, so find the biggest and dwarf Hammies and check what suprises they get you.

How Long They Live?

They can live up to 90 Days, then they will become DECO and will be used as collectible on Special Hammies Redeem Boxes

What is needed to breed them?

A EVO*Hammies Tree Stump and some PetMix Food, along with a Female and a Male Hammie from same Mesh Shape/Roddent Specie is all that u need to start breeding your Hammies.

How to load extra food in my Tree Stump?

As any Food Holder/Home from EVO Pets, just rezz the Recharge Bag with Petmix near your Tree Stump, touch it and touch the Tree Stump you like to fill. If that dosent work please re-rezz your Petmix charger and reanable it by clicking on it.

What to do when i see a baby hammie in the sides of the tree stump?

When the Hammies have a Baby you will see it waiting at the sides of the Tree Stump, clicking it will send u that hammie boxed with both Male and Female gens on it, so depending on the combination you will have a Hammie similar to its parents.

Hammie Cards and Prizes

Hammies have a similar game to the Recipes and Collectibles from Faes. Cards will be awarded by special Edition Hammies and insted of Recipes they will have Hammie Redeem Boxes, as you do in a Fairy Recipe, you will require to load the cards and the EVO Collectibles needed to that Hammie Redeem Box

(Foto das Caixas, Novas Cartas e collectibles)

Couples how to pair

Hammies will choose their mate and theres nothing you can do about their choices, but you can separate them. Yukas have a 5 meter roaming rang, so if you rezz a new Tree Stump far away from the first and rezz a couple of Hammies there, Male and Female, you know for sure that those two will be Paired.

Hammies Genetics Explained

Females are Gene Dominante

Males Scramble the Traits of a Female if the couple as 2 or less compatible Genes

Males Support the Traits of the Female if the couple as 3 or more compatible Genes

Exemp: Gene Scrambling 1 Compatible Gene

  Female Male Baby
Coat Bolivian Mediterranian 25% Female Dominance
Eyes Star Star 50% Female Dominance
Tail Long None 25% Female Dominance

Exemp: Gene Scrambling 2 Compatible Genes

  Female Male Baby
Coat Bolivian Bolivian 50% Female Dominance
Eyes Star Star 75% Female Dominance
Tail Long Short 50% Female Dominance

Exemp: Gene Supporting 3 Compatible Genes

  Female Male Baby
Coat Bolivian Bolivian 90% Female Dominance
Eyes Star Star 90% Female Dominance
Tail Long Long 90% Female Dominance

This exemples show 3 Traits Genes but you have a total of 5 Traits you can mix to play in the genepool.


Pet/Stump Menus
* Movement - Controls your Hammies Movement and walking.

* Rename - Renames your Hammie

* Support - Access Ticket Support for easy and fast support to your Hammies

* MKSL Shop - Usefull Marketplace link for when you cant TP out for an Hammies Vendor

* Register - If you didint register your Avatar in EVO server, you can do it now using this button.

* Readme File - Some helpfull information about your Hammies and how all items works.

* Text Opt. - Change the way Floating Text on your Hammie is showed.

* Portal - Usefull link access for the EVO Webpage Portal were you can find information about your EVO Pets and Games.

* Close Menu - As button say, it will close this menu.

Menus will show diferent options depending if you are te owner of the item or not.

Pet Stats

Gender: Male/Female

Name: GenCode + Name of the Hammie (if name changed will replace the name of the Hammie with the name you desire.)

Rarity: Rarity level of the Hammie

Species: Coat and Shape related Name.

Coat: Coat Trait

Eyes: Eyes Trait

Ears: Ears Trait

Tail: Tail Trait

Age: Current age of your Hammie, in days.

Feed: Current Feed % of your Hammie

Healt: Current Healt % of your Hammie

Breeding: Current Breeding % of your Hammie (Will only start to raise on adultwood, 7 days age.)



If this manual didn't answer your question check out EVO Support Group or the Ticket Support System. We will be glad to help.

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