I'll assume you have the eSphere on your inventory!

Starter Pack Contents:

- 1 eSphere Box Ver.2018

- 1 eSpheres - 700W Batteries Ver.2018

- 1 eSpheres - eSphereLight Box Ver.2018


First of all click your Starter Pack to get all its contents;

Rezz all the contents and click the eSphere Box and the eSphere Light Box;

Rezz the eSphere, then the light and the batteries close together, if they are too far apart the batteries won't work;

To load the batteries, click the batteries, then the Light; If you have issues loading the batteries, try to move the light a bit away from the eSphere and then try to load the batteries, after that please rerrezz the light so that it adjusts to it's right place;

For starters you should be good to go, after the first 15minutes after you rezz your eSphere the first element (rocks, plants, ect) should appear;



eSphere Light - The eSphere light is what guarantees your ecosystem grows and stays "healthy";

A light can handle up to 5000Watts, don't try to load more than that;

A eSphere needs 700Watts per week;

After your eSphere turns Deco, you can re-use your Light in another eSphere;

If you move the Light away from the eSphere for any reason, don't forget to rerrez so that it can adjust to the eSphere again;


eSphere Batteries

Batteries are the "food" for eSpheres, you should load them into the Light;


An eSphere is an enclosed system, if you take good care of it, providing it Light charged with batteries, the System will start to grow, you will see that after some minutes the first element is going to appear, then as your eSphere gets more light, all it's elements and creatures will appear;

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools have two purposes:

- If your eSphere is out of Light, it's going to perish; If that happens you can use a Cleaning Tool to revive it;

- If for some reason you don't like the look of your eSphere, or you would like to see what other system you can have, you can use the Cleaning Tools to "reset" your system; By resetting it doens't mean that it will get to day 0. When you clean an alive eSphere, all your elements will disapear and will appear again with different colours;

The cleaner doesn't refill your batteries or reset the days on the eSphere;

About the eSphere

After 7 days you should receive your first prize; It can be a regular prize, or a premium prize; Premium prizes are colored purple, when your eSphere gives you a prize, it rezzes a capsule on top of the eSphere, to receive the prize, CLICK the capsule, if you take it into inventory you will loose the prize; The capsules don't disapear, if you allready have one prize rezzed and you havent reclaimed it yet, the capsule will hover a bit over the first prize;

eSphere live up to 35 days, after that, they turn DECO, in deco mode they won't award you prizes, they don't need a light, but they will still have their full Eco-System;

eSphere Stats

Days Active - The number of days since you first rezzed your eSphere; when it gets to 35 days, it turns DECO;

Life Support - It's the light work, when you have a light with batteries loaded, Life Support will start to increase;

Ecosystem Health - The ecosystem health depends on Life Support, when Life Support reaches 80%, your Ecosystem Health will start to increase, and your elements and creatures will start to appear too; Note that if your eSphere doesn't have a light the ecosystem elements will start to disapear;

Eco Savings - It's your Ecosystem savings, when this reaches 100% you will get your first prize;

Cleaning Actions - The number of Cleaning Tools already used on your eSphere, each eSphere has a cap of 5 times;

There's 3 types of eSpheres:

Nature - which will allways feature nature, woodland, forest creature and plants, etc;

Aqua - which will allways feature water systems, fishes, seahorses, seashells, water plants, etc;

Cosmos - which will allways feature some kind of planet, aliens, spaceships, space systems, etc;

In each there's allways something different from the others, for example on the first release, the Cosmos eSphere has Aliens that have names, and chat in their hovertext; Texts can allways be turned off on the Menu;

If this document doens't fullfill all of your questions please refer to our Support Group - EVO - Breedables & Games Group or submitt a ticket at