HubStore Hunt

The HubStores Hunt

In each of the 10 HubStores and the Mainstore you will find a Hunt Seal in front of the EVO*MC Vendors, stepping on those once a day (or once a hour during events) will give you a HubPrize.

The HubStores Locations

At this point we are working on the 2017 Hub Gathering, if you have a hub, please fill this form about your 2017 Hub Fae - HUB Gathering Form

Second Life Vendor Locations:

EVO Mainstore & Display Center

EVO Mainstore UNITED/78/167/23

Second Life Vendor Locations:

Hub 1 - Pixi Hollow - Location - Clippetyclop Resident

Hub 2 - Fallen Rose - Location - Aloriana77 Resident

Hub 3 - Fairie Haven - Location - Fairydragon Resident

Hub 4 - Reyes Family - Location - Jessicageryon Resident

Hub 5 - Serenity Cove - Location - Menotomymom Resident

Hub 6 - ... - Relocating - Draven Denver

Hub 7 - Royal Ibiza - Location - Fuchs Fosse

Hub 8 - Isle of Saeftinge - Location - Pilar Difference

Hub 9 - Ancient Timber of Enchantment - Location - Lunaria Eclipse & Tremayne Barbosa - TRIAL

Hub 10 - Boulder Creek - Location - AngelBlu Zarco

Hub 11 - Aussie Breedables - Location - Jordon Snowbear

Hub 12 - Royal Enchanted Forest - Location - Rich321 Resident

Hub 13 - J&S Hobbit Hole - Location - Florencesweetgirl & Joesomf

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The HubPrizes

In each Hub Seal you will find:

EVO*MC Fairies - #000 HUB# Fairy Recipe Ver. 2016


EVO*MC Collectibles - T2 HUB# Token Ver.2016


EVO*MC Collectibles - T5 Gathering Badge Ver.2015

* Each Hub will have its Fairy Recipe and the Area Token that will be needed to release each Fairy from each HUB

* You can release more than 1 fairy per hub at any point.

* Any other T1 Item can be obtained in EVO*GO Fishing' or any other collectible drop that features Tier 1 Collectibles

Gathering all the items and complete your recipe!

After collecting all the items needed for the Recipe, rezz the Recipe and the Collectibles in the floor and use the recipe to load all the items needed, and release the Fairy from the Recipe to your Inventory.

And thats all, complete the collections and remember Hub Fairies tend to change from time to time so dont miss the specials and new collections.

Enjoy and Happy Hunt!