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EVO*Guardians of Valkhyra offers an immersive EVO Gathering experience, allowing you to amass a captivating collection for your EVO*Faes while enjoying countless hours of entertainment with your friends.

The game is structured into three distinct segments:
Summon Wands: Embark on mystical journeys to summon coveted items from the enigmatic Fae World, adding them to your inventory.

Combat Shield Game: Test your mettle by challenging your friends to exhilarating duels, where you can vie for both Faes and valuable items.

Guardians of Valkhyra RPG: Delve into an immersive web browser roleplaying game set in the enchanting Fae World. Engage in epic quests, explore captivating locales, and lose yourself in hours of adventure and discovery.

Embark on this extraordinary journey and revel in the magic and camaraderie that EVO: Guardians of Valkhyra has to offer.

EVO Team

KhrysT Lords (KhrysT Neox SL)

EVO Breedables & Games CEO
EVO Product Manager

Ren Lords (DavidM Neox Sl)

EVO Breedables & Games COO
EVO Support Manager

Akasha Darkheart

EVO Mystic Creatures Faes Design