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EVO*Mystic Creatures Faes

Our Flag-Ship Product, The EVO Mystic Creature Faes, are breedable/Summon Fairies from our Sub Division Mystic Creatures. Created in 2009 and with a remake in 2013 the Faes are still one of the most desirable creature to keep in SL. The EVO Faes live in a Fae City that you can get in our Vendors EVO Faes have been update for the new V2 System. Check the features the V2 System bring for the Faes bellow. 

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EVO Team

KhrysT Lords (KhrysT Neox SL)

EVO Breedables & Games CEO
EVO Product Manager

Ren Lords (DavidM Neox SL)

EVO Breedables & Games COO
EVO Support Manager

Akasha Darkheart

EVO Mystic Creatures Faes Design